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Reflect & Set; Goodbye 2018- Hello 2019

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Out with the old and in with the new is often the mantra and whilst resolutions vary from person to person, at their core they are based on us wanting growth and change.

While we don’t have to wait until the New Year (NY) to set goals there is no doubt that this is a great time for us to refocus.

Chances are that you will have already thought about what you would like to change or achieve in 2019 but before you rush off it is first important to ‘Reflect and then, Set’.

A lot of NY resolutions fail. Why?

Because we believe the key to our success and happiness lies outside of ourselves.

Growth and expansion are crucial to our well-being but somehow, most NY resolutions fall into the trap of us believing that we are not good enough right now.

We think we’re too fat, too lazy, not good enough or that we should be doing X or Y. What about all the things we already are? What about all of the things we already have?

When I get carried away in thinking I need to be more or have more, I repeat to myself,

I am enough, I have enough, I am good enough!

We tend to put all of our efforts in trying to change our external circumstances without working on our internal states and understanding the why's behind our intentions.

Without a powerful 'Why', the chances are you probably won’t stick at your goals but when you do discover your 'Why', it will change the way you live.

Yoga and meditation are practices that work on the inner to help shape the outer and as for creating meaningful resolutions, I think it is like making a recipe. You need a set of ingredients and a method.

This is something I will be going into on my 2019 New Year New Beginnings Day.

We will be using a set of questions and practices designed to help you uncover your 'why' as well as learning how to support you goals with a set of healthy well-being practices. What I want to share here, is a little of the groundwork necessary for setting meaningful resolutions.

First off you need somewhere quiet so that you can take the time to think of these questions. Have a note book and pen ready. Don't ignore the first thing that pops into your head as it could be the most pertinent point. Equally, do some soul searching but if the answer doesn't appear, don't stress, try again later. Sometimes these things take time.

Always begin with gratitude

Adopting an attitude of gratitude is something we can all benefit from. Think about your health, your loved ones, your income or a roof over your head. The simplest of pleasures are often our greatest joys and which if removed, would greatly impact on our lives.

Expressing gratitude fills a space where we believe there is lack.

First things first, take the time reflect on your 2018 and write a list of all the things you are grateful for.

Had a tough year?

Still express gratitude because even in our darkest moments, we will have been gifted with a new perspective, learning experiences, extra resilience and a chance to help others.

Reflection & Setting New Intentions

Try this exercise:

My 2018 Reflection

  • What have been my successes?

  • What have been my disappointments?

  • What have been my joys?

  • What are the lessons that 2018 has taught me?

My 2019

  • What do I want more of?

  • What do I want less of?

  • How can I use the lessons of 2018 to help shape my 2019?

  • Which area of my life deserves the most attention?

Starting with gratitude and non-judgmental reflection will help you to realise what is really important to you.

Used within a framework, our answers provide a lot of insight. This is a good way to get you thinking about what is truly important to you. After this, you can begin to evaluate and set NY resolutions which are more specific and meaningful.

If you are ready to set some resolutions, the first place to start is to write them down.

Brainstorm and write without limits. Think, if money were no object, if fear was not a factor and if you didn't care what other people would think then, what would be your hopes, dreams and plan for 2019?

There are many goal setting structures out there. Here is a PDF from Sparks People which you may like to use.

The seeds you sow become the life that you grow

Commit the time to take a step back, to reflect and then set your intentions.

If you would like to be guided through the set of power questions I use and would appreciate the opportunity to step into a supportive, reflective and inspiring space, then please join me on my New Years Event.

For 2019, my hope is that we all invest in the inner because when we do, the outer falls into place.

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