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Welcome to Autumn

The Season of Structure, Refinement & Letting Go

Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) provides a connection to the rhythms of the natural world.  Through awareness, we can use our movement, diet, environment and internal landscape to improve our health and quality of life as we harmonise and stay healthy through the seasons.


In TCM the season of Autumn is represented by the element of metal and is associated with endings, slowing down, and refinement.


The growing season has finished, and nature is beginning to conserve, contract and decay as the energy sinks and draws down to its roots for winter.


As the leaves begin to fall, we too are being called to let go of what has ended in our lives so that we can make space for the next season of growth.

Metal is a precious substance bringing with it an ability to extract what is precious as well as cut through things.  This ability to cut through provides clarity, meaning you can clearly see what needs refining and minimalising.


Through the process of drawing inward, you are being asked to re-establish routine and structure within your life with an emphasis on finding a better balance between your inner and outer worlds.

Doing this inner work and self-enquiry helps to balance our metal energy revealing a strengthening of our self-worth through the setting of boundaries, structure and discernment.  


Now is the time to assess, where in my life have I lost balance? Am I carving out time for my needs?  When was the last time I looked at who and what is in my life, and had a good clearout?  What have I lost sight of and what is valuable to me?


As we release what we no longer need, we feel more spacious and ultimately, this enables us to take up more space in the world.


As with all endings, there can be sadness, and grief is the emotion connected to the metal element and autumn.  Out of balance, we can become stuck in our grief, unable to move forward or even become cold and distant.

However, grief that is felt, processed, and healed transforms into this deep reverence and appreciation of the sacredness of life. 

Other indications that your metal energy may be imbalanced is through physical conditions such as lowered immunity, coughs, colds/loss of smell, breathing difficulties, skin issues and constipation this is because the metal element governs the lung and the large intestine; both organs which take in and let go and, and the nose and skin.

The colour is white and foods that temper the metal element within us are foods such as garlic, onions, cauliflowers, white cabbage, turnips and white beans as well as foods that are pungent in nature.  

Metal Element Themes & Practices 

Key Themes: Being able to let go and move on in life, this includes knowing when to let go of relationships, arguments, grudges, unhelpful beliefs and habits.

Key Energy: Consolidating and drawing inward.  Now is a time to slow down, refine, and give back to yourself.  Forgive yourself and practice self-compassion.

Key Focus: Use the shine of metal and its sharp edge to create clear thinking and discernment between what is useful/valuable and what is not.  Also, speak up, and get things off your chest (remember the lungs are governed by the metal element)

Key Action: Clarity (we need oxygen for clear-headedness so the breath is crucial).  Practice lengthening your exhales because when you let go and empty, you have more space to take in (oxygen) what you need

Key Task: The outer reflects the inner; clear clutter from your home, create space in your environment, and bring beauty into your living space to inspire you.

Metal element & Autumn Self-Care.png

New Practices for November

We're taking a look at Autumn nutrition as we begin November.  Take a look at the images and then watch my 11 minute video so that you know what to stock your cupboards up with. 

You can also enjoy a yoga practice to support the metal element, a releasing and letting go yoga nidra, some mudra's and breathing practices as well as a couple of short meditations to support the energy of this time.  I hope you find these of use.

More details of supporting the metal element and lots of Autumnal practices are below this recently updated section, thank you.

Autumn Diet & Food.png

Autumn Diet & Foods

In Autumn, the energy begins to draw in and down which signals the time to change what and how we eat. In this video, you will learn about the cooking methods to employ at this time of year, the foods that will nourish you best as well as what to avoid.

Learn how to support yourself this Autumn with energy-based practices including mudra's, sound and breath work.

After the class, make a drink, pull out your journal and write about:  What am I going to allow to fall away and leave behind so that I can create the space for a new beginning to emerge? 

Autumn is the season of letting go and when the metal element and the organs of the large intestines and the lungs are most active. This yoga practice focuses on bringing us into harmony with nature and the active energies.


Join me as we focus on deep breathing, activating our energy challenges and letting go.

Autumn Yoga Nidra .png
Compassion Practice .png

Experience deep rest on all levels of your being as you lay down and listen to this guided journey.  This is a long practice known as yoga nidra and lasts around 34 minutes.  Such a beautiful practice to indulge in. 

What the World Needs Right Now.png

Practices for the Metal Element

Enjoy these practices that enhance the healthy properties of a balanced mental element.   


You will find breath work, meditations to help you let go, try yin yoga to slow down and I have also popped a menopause yoga practice here as the menopause is associated with the autumn of our lives.

Autumn Leaves on a gentle breeze .png
Let Go Meditation .png
Breathing Space Meditation.png
Forgiveness Meditation .png

Welcome to Autumn and

the Element of Metal.

In this class, we are both welcoming and exploring the element of Metal which is associated with the season of Autumn.


Helping us to regain balance between our inner and outer worlds and bring better harmony between what inspires us and what needs to be released, our movement and focus will encourage the energy of metal to manifest for our highest good.


You will need a block and strap for this class.

Yin Yoga on Letting Go


Whether it is physically, emotionally or mentally, this class is all about guiding you to let let go of tension, worries, anger or whatever it is you may have been carrying for too long.


This is a yin practice so please bring your props...blocks, blankets and cushions. 

Leaning into Cycles to Support our Growth.

​Join me for this ladder flow as we remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


In this practice, we build our flow slowly by stacking on one pose at a time as well as reversing our steps back to the beginning, which means by the end of the class, you will have memorised a complete flow and your body and mind will have had a good work out and a good work in respectively.


Aside from starting and finishing in a seated position, (there is no savasana although you can totally add that on) you do not need any props and this whole class is done standing. I hope you enjoy.

Compassionate Grounding Floor Flow

This class explores the way we care for ourselves and the ways in which we can give ourselves extra nourishment, compassion, kindness and love.

Combined, these qualities help to resource us to meet not only our daily challenges and stress with more ease, but they also provide us with a sense of self-support.


Be loving and kind to ourselves is really, to care for ourselves.

Beginning with the compassionate breath practice we then move onto yoga postures which are all floor based.


You’ll need blocks, a blanket and a strap if you have one.

Menopause Support Class for Overwhelm & Anxiety

Are you struggling with brain fog, overwhelm and anxiety associated with midlife, perimenopause and/or menopause?


Try this mindful movement practice that includes somatic movement, yoga poses, breathwork, meditation and relaxation to help alleviate and calm symptoms.


You will need a yoga mat, blanket, cushion, a bolster or at-home props like pillows and a small space to move in and lie down.

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