Welcome to the Move section. 


Here you will find themed movement practices inspired and containing movement from yoga, qi-gong, and somatics.  The videos range in length from 10 minutes to 75 minutes. 

Each video has a little description plus details of any props you might need.  Please read the disclaimer before practicing. 


Always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise regime or lifestyle change.

Not all movements are suitable for all bodies.  Please honour and respect yours.


Watch first, move mindfully and breathe. 

When practicing any of the yoga videos it remains your responsibility to gauge the safety of your practice within your personal physical limitations.  

Melissa Campbell: Yoga, Self-Care & Women’s Wellness assumes no responsibility for injuries suffered while practicing these movements & techniques.

Kneeling Sun Salutations
An alternative sun salutation done from hands and knees. Synch body and breath as you go through this short flow.
Ideal for morning or when you have been sitting for a long time.
Find some Space Practice 

Enjoy this 33-minute practice to help free up tension and find some spaciousness in the body especially for the spine, hips and shoulders. This is a seated and all 4's practice.

For this practice, you will need a blanket and 2 yoga brick blocks if you have them (a pair of thick books can be a substitute).

Awaken Dormant Energy & Re-Energise

The perfect pick me up.  This is an alternative movement practice from qi-gong and is designed to boost circulation and move stagnant energy leaving you feeling refreshed and energised. 

No props or even a mat needed. 

Wakey - Wakey Rise and Shine 

Wakey Wakey.  Get up and go with this short morning stretch out!

You can do this in your dressing gown.  No mat needed but you will need access to a wall. 

Balancing Elements & Emotions


A mindful movement practice inspired by Qi-Gong and the elements of earth, water, space and air to help bring about balance to mind, body, heart.  

This is a gentle class to help you find a sense of grounding, flow and space.  We finish the practice laying down with a Qi-Gong guided relaxation and visualisation called,

Healing the Emotions.

(There is a slight sound distortion at the start of this video - sorry)