Welcome to the Nourish Section
In the nourish section, you will find recipes and practices to nourish both mind and body. 
Mind:  Our thoughts create our reality.  According to research, approximately 80% of our thoughts are negative which means we need to create more room in our daily lives for positive intentions and affirmations.  You'll find some of my favourite mind nourishing practices below.
Body: Food is our sustenance.  We are what we eat! Do you want to be cheap, fake and artificial?  Let's feed our bodies with foods that are energising, wholesome, and as close to nature as possible.  
From smoothies to salads and other tasty's all here for you.  Some of the recipe packs are from previous online challenges that I have run, so you may find a reference to this on the first page. 
I have also included some food guides which are more generic but which will help you incorporate more healthy eating habits into your day.
Let's start with mindset.  The first video is a really cool affirmation video and a practice to do just before you go to bed.

Nourish Mind


Start your Day with a Positive Affirmation. 


Play this video, (if the voice isn't for you, mute the sound) and then take a deep breath and ask what is today's guiding affirmation? 


Press pause at random and see what you have chosen.  That's your affirmation for the day. It's a bit of fun but I must admit, I love this one.

G.L.A.D Technique 


Take this challenge for 7 days.  You'll be G.L.A.D that you did.  It is a simple practice best completed before you go to bed.  

G.L.A.D is an acronym and mindfulness technique that helps us to notice the smaller moments of joy in our life. 

Nourish Body
Discover some new healthy recipes to add to your repertoire.  You have a choice of:
  • 12 Superfood Smoothie Guide
  • Healthy Eating on the Go Guide
  • The 5-day Healthy Breakfast Challenge pack
  • 5 Tasty BBQ Marinades 
  • 3 BBQ Salad Choices 

12 superfood smoothies

We all know it can be difficult it can be to get in our 5 a day, which is what makes smoothies are a great way to boost your fruit and veg intake.  Discover 12 superfood smoothie recipes in this guide