Welcome to the Be section. 


This is where we stop doing and sink into simply be-ing.  


It's time to be present, to breathe and slow down.  Time to notice the many wonderful things that escape our attention when we rush from thing to thing.

Here you will find meditations to help you de-stress, relax and be as well as mindful journalling and worksheets some of which I have access to and am allowed to share with you from Mindfulness Exercises at

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Stress Release Meditation

Here you will find a 5-minute meditation to help you de-stress.  In these 5 minutes, you are called to be present and be with your breath.  This alone will automatically help to lower your stress response. 


Called 'Managing how I respond to stress is key to my peace of mind', this meditation reminds you of the control you have in your responses and the positive techniques that are available to you. 

Operating on Auto-Pilot

We live a lot of life on autopilot and whilst it does serve a purpose, we can also forget that there are other choices and options available to us. This is particularly true when it comes to managing challenging situations and the coping mechanisms we may have adopted.


Use this mindfulness exercise to evaluate any habitual patterns and behaviours that could be contributing to your stress and anxiety levels and choose to do something different instead.

The breath is a powerful anchor and has the capacity to calm both mind and body.  Allow it to guide you here as you take this 11-minute mindfulness practice.