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The 5-Day Mindful Morning Challenge + Bonuses

The 5-Day Mindful Morning Challenge + Bonuses

If you have a busy schedule, it can be tempting as soon as you wake up to start plowing through your to-do list as fast as possible. 


This is especially true if you have to get to work or you have young kids at home. You just want to hit the ground running, so you don’t end up feeling behind!


But that doesn’t always work so well, does it?  


It can leave you feeling frazzled and scattered, and even more stressed as the day goes on, because you’re constantly playing catch up!


Or, perhaps you have lots of time on your hands that you end up drifting through your morning and end up feeling unproductive.


Wouldn't you love to start your day feeling energised, clear, centered and grounded?


That’s why one of the most important things you can do in the morning is to take just a few minutes to set your energy and intentions for the day.  


Yes, I’m talking about creating a morning routine containing simple self-care practices that allow you to center, keep your head clear and mind focused... but a scaled-back routine that’s only between 5-10 minutes long.


For a lot of us, a routine that’s longer than that is just not realistic!


The most important thing with any routine and especially this is to do it with mindful intention … because it’s YOUR time to set the tone for the rest of the day!


This means that when you start your day, you’re doing it in a proactive way, instead of just reacting to the million things you have to get done that day.


This one thing can change everything for you and I am here to show you how to be present and MINDFUL in your morning routine!


Join me on this 5-Day Challenge (you get access immediately to the challenge) and give yourself permission to take 5-10 MINUTES out of your morning for YOU, to start your day off right! You deserve it!


Bonuses: Sign up for this challenge and you'll also receive these extra bonuses.


1. Receive a 5 Ingredient Breakfast Recipe Pack.  Discover nutritious, quick to prepare breakfast meals that can be matched to your tastes and goals, helping you to fuel your body with the right foods.


2. Receive the 10-Minute Task Journal and List.  Get more done in shorter bursts with this handy planner and 10-minute task list. 


3.  A powerful morning meditation


As soon as you purchase this challenge you will be sent a download link - this will provide you with the welcome video, your 5-day practice videos, and all the bonuses and it's yours to keep forever.  Please check your junk email box as sometimes my messages can end up in there.



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