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Creating a Sacred Space
  • Creating a Sacred Space

    If you practice yoga you may well agree with me here, that our love of yoga goes beyond the physical benefits.  We love yoga because of the space it creates, the tension it releases, the stress it melts away and that inner feeling of peace.


    However,  to create peace, we must learn to cultivate it, which is why I am delighted to introduce my new workbook called 'Creating a Sacred Space'. 


    To me, a scared space is something you energetically and physically create with the intention of unplugging from the outside world. It is a place you go to that helps you to cultivate awareness, mindfulness, and compassion.


    In this 4-week workbook, you will learn how to create such a space and discover how it offers you a refuge; somewhere you can retreat to to re-center and calm.


    As well as focusing on creating an at-home physical sacred space, you will also be exploring how you can create this space within you and how it begins and ends away from your yoga mat.


    This is truly about bringing your yoga to life both on and off your mat.


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