31-Day Self-Care Challenge

What is more important than your health and well-being? So why is it that so many of us put ourselves at the bottom of our list of priorities?


It's not selfish to want some time out for yourself and it is certainly not selfish to want to feel amazing.


When we’re at our best, we can give our best and something as little as 10 minutes a day could be all that you need.


So, if you feel like you don't have enough time for yourself, if you feel tired, stressed and worn out or simply just want to be better at practicing consistent self-care, then this challenge is for you.


I have designed it with simplicity in mind with a variety of nourishing self-care practices that you will love!


You will receive an electronic calendar and within each day, there are instructions or links to self-care practices.  10 minutes or less is all it takes  -  which makes this challenge completely do-able.  In return for this short time investment, you will feel like you are getting a piece of yourself back; whatever part of you feels lacking or below par at the moment.


The links will take you to recipes, yoga and movement practices, meditations, breathing techniques, journaling prompts and more!


Each act, day after day will help to build your resilience to stress and reconnect you to feeling at your best. Your space, your time!  You deserve it!


Imagine what difference 31 days of consistent self-care practice will do for your mood, energy and productivity?   Imaging having practices at your fingertips that that will leave you feeling calmer, focused, energised, inspired, confident and joyful? 


Best of all you’ll be supported every step of the way with women just like you, who are ready to make self-care a consistent feature in their daily lives.  Click to join in my facebook group.


Are you in?  No excuses, no guilt just the simple act of kind, mindful and necessary self-care.


**Before the challenge starts, you will receive a welcome video and email from me explaining the layout of the challenge, a commitment pledge and some tips. 


**A day before the challenge starts you will receive your calendar containing your first week of practices and links and  thereafter, every Saturday, you will receive an updated calendar and a video detailing the following week practices.