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Come home to your natural state of peace, balance,

and wellness using a fusion of Ancient + Modern-Day Movement Well-Being Practices.

Practice Mindful Movement from Yoga, Qigong & Somatics.  Learn Mindfulness, and Seasonal Based Energy Practices for True Self-Care and Well-Being in your Mind, Body, Heart.


I am so glad you are here, welcome. 

My name is Melissa.  As a health and wellness advocate and educator, my classes fuse together mindful movement influenced by yoga, somatics, and qigong.


I also teach mudra-based meditation, mindfulness, self-care journaling, and culinary nutrition all of which are heavily influenced by the ancient wisdom of seasonal well-being to provide you with something that I believe and know to really work.


The fact that you are here tells me that want to invest in your health and well-being so that you can love living life as you.

You at your most vibrant, strong, confident, calm, and resourceful self.

But I know how overwhelming it can be when it comes to health and wellness.   To want relief from issues like stress, anxiety, self-doubt, low mood, and energy. 


I know I yearned to find a way to live life more mindfully and authentically.  


To feel good in my body, connected to joy and peace, and in tune with my daily needs so that I could deeply look after myself, the people around me, and the natural world.  


Is this something you seek too?

Here’s the thing, this world we live in is alive, fast-moving, and ever-changing. 


There are so many demands and pressures on our time and attention.   Learning to navigate these demands and not lose ourselves in the process, is key.   

What if the answers and the path you were searching for wasn’t ‘out’ there? 


What if it already exists inside of you?

I believe we all know the answers. 


We just need to find a way to lean in and listen so that we may access and cultivate the potential for health, healing, compassion, and embodied presence within.

I am here to help you do that. 

There is so much wisdom, common sense and goodness packed into the ancient teachings of seasonal living that help you align to the rhythms of nature and of life. 

These practices teach us to trust ourselves; the already present wisdom of our mind, body and heart.

Blended with mindful movement and well-being practices, you will have in your hands a toolkit that opens up the space for you to be YOU, to feel, spacious, free and unbounded.   

Practices that help balance mood, energy and emotions so that you can age healthily and be present to fully embrace the beauty of each and every moment.


I have spent the last 14 years searching for natural, holistic and empowering ways to be healthy and to feel confident and comfortable with who I am.   


To be rooted in kindness and self-compassion and have the confidence to live from my heart so that I can enjoy all of life’s wonders whilst being strong enough to deal with the challenges that may come my way. 


It has led me to many different teachers and along many wonderful paths learning and using both ancient and modern-day practices to now, eventually teaching it.


Everyone leads a busy life nowadays and to accommodate this, I offer a variety of offerings to help you take care of your health and well-being needs.


I offer a range of classes, workshops, memberships and retreats and aim to share with you a variety of mind-body practices that offer real solutions and support.  Indeed, I continue to marvel at the positive impact it has on my daily life.

This isn’t me telling you what is best for you, only you can do that, but I am here offering you a guidebook and the tools towards embodied well-being.

I hope this has given you a flavour of what to expect but please take a look around or get in touch to find ways that we can connect, learn and grow together. 

I love sharing these practices both in person and online.

The best place to connect with me is through my wellness newsletter!  That’s where I regularly send out seasonal advice, wellness tips, free resources and the events I think you’ll enjoy. You can sign up at the top of the page and/or join my free Facebook Group.

There is a reason that you are here and I am grateful that you are.  

Let’s start today and walk the path together towards wholehearted vibrant living.

In Health & Gratitude,

Melissa x

Pause for a moment, take a deep breath in and a slow breath out!

If you had a magic wand and could improve just one area of your life right now, what would it be?

Juggling life, in general, is tough and then throw in trying to balance work, family life and your own personal challenges and suddenly life feels a whole lot tougher.


Your health and wellbeing are usually the first things to go or be neglected from your busy schedule and unhealthy habits creep in as you try to cope with the demands of everyday life.  


I know this because I made this same mistake time and time again and I paid for it.  

The problem is that you have to care for yourself before you can care for others because when you are thriving, everything around you is elevated.  For example:

  • When you are fully rested, you have more energy  

  • When you move your body intelligently, aches and pains start to disappear

  • When your self-talk is positive it changes the relationship you have with yourself

  • When you become more mindful your stress and anxiety levels reduce


And more than that, when you feel good on the inside,  life on the outside mirrors that.

Life is just… better.

Which area of your life requires the most attention right now and where would you like to start?  Making that decision is the first step and then you know where to focus your attention.

Every one is unique.  You are unique and so are the challenges you face which means there isn't a one-size-fits-all.


Everything I offer classes, workshops, personalised programmes and retreats are designed to help YOU establish realistic goals, stick to them, and most importantly,  reach them.


If you're not sure where to start, have a look around or contact me. 


My classes* are based on the belief that our physical, emotional and mental health are interrelated and as such, need to be worked on together.  


Classes focus on coordinating breath and physical movement to help you lengthen, strengthen and de-stress. Mindfulness and relaxation are also incorporated.


Mindful Movement practices help you to regain control of your body and mind, improving balance, focus and concentration.  You will find that the benefits of this practice stay with you, long after you have rolled up your mat.

Weekly Class: Women's only beginner's session Tuesday 7pm -8:15pm Futures House Marsh Farm. £ 8 per drop-in.

Yin Bi-monthly: Last Friday of the month 7pm-9pm. 

*Due to COVID-19,  in-person classes are currently suspended, but fear not, I am still teaching online and you have 3 weekly classes to choose from.  Plus  I also have two monthly membership programmes you can subscribe to The Wellness Club or the Wellness Club Library. 

To see all of my current offerings and for more details, click here. 


It all starts with food;  you are either building your health or affecting your health through the choices of your food.  


Eat & cook your way to greater health with my healthy cooking classes which include, Meal Prepping, Eating for Awesome Energy, Cooking for Better Digestion,  Best Healthy Breakfasts and more.


During these classes, you will learn how to prepare and cook everyday healthy recipes whilst learning about the nutritional powerhouse of plant-based foods.  All dishes are gluten and dairy-free.


You will leave with a wealth of knowledge,  handouts and all of the recipes made on the day. 


Our retreats are designed to provide you with space, clarity and inspiration. From the minute you arrive until the moment you leave, you will be completely looked after.

Nestled in the heart of the New Forest, our weekends are full of yoga, meditation and qigong, mindset sessions, delicious food, fab company, lots of insights and laughs.

Sadly we had to cancel last year's retreat due to Covid but we hope to run one again in either 2021 or 2022.  If you would like to be the first to hear about, it, please send me an email 

"The greatest wealth is health"



My goal is to offer classes and programs that serve your health and well-being needs and to create a community of health inspired women.

Based in Luton, UK

07984 345643

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