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Women's Health & Hormones. 
Yoga & Well-Being.
Seasonal & Cyclical Self-Care.

Are you noticing changes in your body and how you feel about yourself and life as you get older?  Is what you want and need different now?

Does your body feel and move differently, are there changes to your energy levels and sleep cycles, your mood, weight, confidence, and general zest for life?

It's extremely common for all of these things to be affected as we enter different seasons of our life.

Our hormones are changing (which affect everything by the way) our priorities shift, and quite often our stress levels rise as we take on extra caring responsibilities whilst trying to juggle everything and everyone in between.

Perhaps what always worked for you has stopped which means now is the perfect time for a fresh approach to your health and well-being.​

It is time to listen and attune to the season of your life so that instead of feeling lost, confused, and out of sorts, you embark on a journey of self-discovery

to honour your truest self.

This is about embracing the new you and learning what small tweaks make the biggest difference.  

The word I use to encapsulate this all is connection because it has a profound ability to heal.


Connecting is the medicine. 


Here's how:


✓ Connecting to the inner seasons that exist in your female body, how it works, how it feels, what it needs and the relationship you have with it. This is about changing your self-talk about your body and removing yourself from the box that society has placed you in.  You are You – with your strength, flaws and the unique gifts you bring to the world.  I truly believe there comes a time in your life when you are ready to step into who you truly and unapologetically are. 


✓ Connecting to the natural world through seasonal living, eating ‘real’ food and discovering nature's little helpers that support your life transitions and bring balance and vibrancy to your mind, body and emotions.

✓ Connecting with one another.  Many wise women have gone before us and there are plenty more around us.  When we come together, we are a force.

If you're ready to go on an incredible and empowering journey, read on.  I am so glad you are here, welcome!

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Hi, I'm Melissa

I am a Certified Women's Holistic Hormone Health Practitioner, Culinary Nutrition Educator and currently studying for my diploma in Herbal Medicine. 


I am also a yoga teacher who fuses together yoga, qigong and somatics to create a mindful and embodied practice with a specialty in seasonal, energy medicine & menopause yoga. 

My life is both shaped and enhanced through seasonal living and self-care (the inner seasons within my body and, the outer seasons of the natural world.   


Being attuned to the rhythms of nature and how the seasons mirror the ebbs and flows within my life, opens up a continual path of self-discovery and connection to myself and the world around me. 

I have spent the last 15 years searching for natural, holistic and empowering ways to feel healthy, confident and comfortable with who I am.

In 2015, I decided I wanted my work to be an extension of how I live and so,  I closed down my company, packed my bags to India and started my career all over again.  I couldn't be happier.

This wasn't just a career choice, it was a personal journey of healing and one that continues to unfold because it makes perfect sense that as the seasons change, we do too.  We only need to observe nature and she will show us where to focus our energy during each season of the year and in our lives too. 


The earth has and always will support our growth but sadly, many of us have lost contact with these natural rhythms and earth-based traditions.   

My work embraces this notion and helps women tune into the cyclical nature of their bodies and seasonal changes of nature through yoga and mind-body movement,  mindfulness, herbal remedies & diet, and specially curated programmes and packages that help you get back to loving living life as you.  You at your most vibrant, strong, confident and calm self. ​


The practice of yoga and mindful movement can't be overstated as it helps to cultivate a deeper relationship with ourselves.  By slowing down, listening and tuning in, we bring the fragmented parts of us back together as a whole and we move off the mat kinder, softer and more resourceful.


I am continuing to update this website and hope to offer more free resources so please visit often, take a look around and check out my current offerings.

I would love to help you on your journey. 




When I first met Melissa I was struggling with burnout from sleep deprivation due to menopausal hot flushes and excessive work pressures.

With Melissa’s help I was given a rare opportunity to stand back from my life and see what I keep doing, then she introduced me to alternative ways and attitudes that are making a real difference. 

As a coach Melissa is brilliant, she is gentle, encouraging and most importantly she leads by example.

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This beautiful soul is the most inspiring lady I have ever met. I feel so lucky to have found Melissa and to have her in my life.


Her energy, enthusiasm and support have enabled me to not only rediscover myself but to love and believe in myself fully.


In my list of contacts, she is known affectionately as my guru. Xx



What a woman! Offering me guidance and support when I needed it most.

A fantastic and patient yoga teacher and has a heart of gold.


It’s not often you meet people like Melissa, so I am glad I did.

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