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Chinese Body Clock

Learn How to Read your Body's Symptons.

  • Started 4 Feb
  • 30 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

Do you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios? You skip meals or eat late at night and consume the wrong types of foods. You have digestive issues, feel sluggish and don’t eliminate regularly. You stay up late because it is the only time you get to yourself, but feel constantly tired every morning. You tend to wake up in the early hours of the morning and can’t get back to sleep. You suffer from brain fog and find it hard to concentrate. You have cold hands and/or feet. You feel tired mid-afternoon and attack the sugar or caffeine. You feel angry and short-tempered. Sadly, many of us are running through our days surviving rather than thriving and our bodies and minds are suffering for it and instead of working with our body’s natural inbuilt cycles, today’s busy world has us working against them. But there is a way around this. Enter the Chinese Body Clock which is built upon the concept of the cyclical ebb and flow of energy in a 24-hour cycle throughout the body’s organ system. The 24-hour body clock is divided into 12 two-hour intervals where the Qi (vital life force) moves through the organ system. What this means is that every organ system has a repair and maintenance schedule as well an opposite time of when it is at its strongest. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our organs not only affect the function of our physical health but our emotions and spirit too. Therefore, if an organ is out of balance (through your lifestyle activities), it will affect both your physical and emotional well-being through the appearance of symptoms (your body’s way of communicating with you). Understanding all of this gifts you the opportunity to not only live in harmony and know which activities are best to do and not to do during each two-hour cycle, but also to learn how to recognise which of your organ systems may need strengthening depending on the symptoms you’re exhibiting. Excited to learn this? You’ll walk away with lots of knowledge and tips, and you’ll also get to practice some acupressure too. Come and join me. We start this Sunday 04th February 7pm-8pm and then again at the same times on Sunday 03rd March and Sunday 07th April. The cost is £30 for the whole series. Important: I would like the sessions to be as interactive as possible and therefore I will not be recording it, sorry.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

I understand that things happen, and plans can change and I aim to be as fair and transparent with my terms and conditions. Before committing to a class or event, please ensure to the best of your ability that you are able to attend and that you have read the following in its entirety as it relates to my cancellation policy along with terms and conditions for the different offerings I provide. No refunds or transfer can be given outside of these terms, including if you are unable to attend due to illness, injury, work/family changes, pregnancy or other reasons. By continuing with your booking, you are agreeing that you are aged 16 or over and are accepting of the T&C’s herewith. Class bookings and Cancelations. • All bookings must be paid for in advance and are non-refundable. So that we can start on time, please try to arrive up to 10 minutes before your class to ensure you have plenty of time to settle in and prepare your space. Please wear clothing appropriate for a yoga practice and bring with you your yoga mat, blanket and props. Once the class has started, I reserve the right to not accept late arrivals. • Mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation are generally safe, but I do ask that you take responsibility for your own health and care. Please listen to your body and honour it. Your ability may vary from session to session depending on your state of well-being, fitness, energy and/or stress levels. Work in a way that feels right for you and never ignore pain as this is the body’s warning system. • Please advise me before a session commences if you have any physical injuries or emotional challenges that may be relevant to movement and inner work. If you experience any discomfort during or after a session, let me know. • If you feel unwell (flu, cold, dizziness, sickness etc) it would be prudent not to attend class. This is primarily for your safety and well-being and also in consideration for the comfort, well-being and health of other members in the class. • As with all forms of physical exercise, it is prudent to consult your doctor before starting. The sessions are not a substitute for medical counselling or treatment. Can I cancel my weekly yoga class or well-being class? • Yes, of course, but out of courtesy please provide me with as much notice as you can so I can offer the spot to someone else. If you pay a drop-in rate, your cancellation does not incur any cost. If you pay for a class pass, your absence will still count towards a class being marked off of your pass, but you can make it by attending another one of my weekly or monthly classes within the same month. Can I get a refund if I book your yin class, a workshop or a well-being event? • My courses, workshops and all other events require payment upfront to secure your booking and once booked, I do not offer refunds. • If for some reason you do need to cancel, please let me know. If it is within 14 days of the workshop (which enables adequate time to try and re-sell your space) I am happy for you to use the workshop/event credit for a future booking which will need to be taken within 4 months of your cancellation. • You can, of course, do a private sale or transfer of your ticket (e.g. to a friend), but you will need to notify me and I will also require them to complete a booking form. Can I get a refund if I book a place on a retreat? • We recommend having adequate travel insurance cover when you book onto one of our retreats that includes your journey, luggage and any additional activities you plan to undertake during the retreat. • Please let us know as soon as possible if something comes up and you cannot attend. We always endeavour to treat cancellations fairly and sympathetically, but as spaces are limited the following applies: • We'll refund you the full amount you've paid minus a £100 fee if you cancel 61 days BEFORE the start of the retreat. • If you cancel WITHIN 60 days of the retreat, no refund will be issued unless you or we find a replacement for the vacancy created by your cancellation. If we or you do find a replacement, we will refund everything you've paid minus the £100 fee to you within 15 days. LIABILITY: • If you have had any major physical or emotional illness within the past 5 years, or are under current medical or psychiatric supervision, you must notify me of the details at the time of booking and it is your responsibility to either obtain your doctor’s permission to partake in the activities and enclose a doctor's certificate where relevant. I do NOT accept any liability for: • Cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, terrorist actions or threats, closure of airports, civil strife, industrial action, natural disaster, technical problems to transport, staff cancellations, weather or other events beyond my control. • Participants' medical or psychiatric conditions that may develop during or subsequent to a class, event or retreat. • Loss of, or damage to, personal property of participants

Contact Details

+ 07984 345643

Luton, England , GBR

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