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Seasonal Transitions

From Winter to Spring

Living in a world that favours speed and stimulation can make it difficult for us to tune in and notice the subtle changes occurring in nature (the external world) and from within our own bodies and emotions (our internal world).

​The outer affects the inner, and each season has its energy (qi or chi) that directly affects and influences you, your body, mood and energy levels. 

We are approaching the season of spring which has a different energy to winter and during these seasonal transitions, you might be more vulnerable to dips in your mood, energy and vitality, particularly if your body’s energy is unable to adjust and match to the energy of the incoming season. 

​This may be because of depletion, incorrect lifestyle and diet or other types of disharmony. Therefore, understanding and aligning yourself with nature's energy flow can give you added healing support to help you transition with ease.

In nature, the sap is rising, seeds are germinating, buds are appearing, and plants are beginning to grow. You might notice that your energy and creativity are also rising or maybe the upward energy is making you feel cranky and confused!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the season of the Liver and one of its key jobs is to regulate your emotions. 

So, if your liver energy is flowing smoothly you'll likely feel emotionally balanced with good energy.  Strong liver energy helps us feel clear and have a sense of direction but take note, it is also very sensitive to stress.

If your liver qi rises too quickly you may experience headaches, suffer from allergies along with PMS, bad moods and feelings of anger.

I've designed this page to help us clear out stagnation, and to down-regulate and support the liver for spring's arrival. 

You have some lovely meditations to help us move slowly, tap into bodies and hearts and move from a place of centeredness.  I have also put together a deluxe self-care practice  that combines, yoga, self-massage and breath work.  

Spring Cleaning the Mind .png

Spring Cleaning the Mind

This is a 13 min 30 sec meditation. Just as we tidy up our homes during the spring season, it's also important to clear out any mental clutter that may be weighing us down. This practice will help you let go of any thoughts, emotions, or beliefs that may be causing mental clutter, and create more space for positive and uplifting experiences.

Blossoming into Spring meditation.png

Blossoming into Spring

As the world awakens from its winter slumber, we too can awaken our own potential for transformation and change. In this practice, we will allow ourselves to bloom and thrive in the warmth and light of the new season of spring; a time of renewal, growth, and vibrant energy. This meditation is just under 12 mins.

Wood Element Yoga Nidra.png

Yoga Nidra for the Wood Element.

Nestle down in a cabin in the woods as we take a yoga nidra journey to support the wood element within us. 

Get all your props, get comfortable and bliss out for just under 20 minutes.  This nidra is designed to help you de-stress and release. 

Mindfully Flowing to Dancer Pose

More of a morning or daytime, we build a mindful flow to prepare for our peak pose: Dancer pose.  

Please note there is no relaxation at the end of this practice but you can of course, include one yourself.  If you need to, balance the body with some forward folds  and twists at the end of the class. 

You will need a strap or at-home alternative and blocks if they are usually part of your practice.

Morning Mojo

For those of you who want a little 'pep' in your step!

Take charge of your day and find your morning mojo.   This class targets all areas of your body in less than 30 minutes combining some flow, stretching and strengthing work.

Have a pair of blocks and a folded blanket or a cushion handy.

The Perfect Tonic for Low Mood,

Energy & Immunity.

Although I dare you to be indulgent here, don't dismiss this class on the time length as I have time-stamped it for you so you can break it up if you like!


This class is the perfect tonic for the times when you are feeling a bit low in energy, immunity or mood.  

Using a mix of breath work, self-massage techniques and mindful movement, this practice is designed to help us slow down and tune into our needs.  


The time we spend here will be a great support for both the immune and nervous systems. 

I hope you enjoy and return regularly to this one. 

You will need 2 blocks, a strap and a blanket.  If you have a bolster, that would make a nice addition.

Time Stamp

Intro 0:00

Grounding and Intention Setting: 1:25

Restorative pose and set up: 4:55

Breath and Nervous System Regulation: 7:25

Self-Massage: 12:45

Movement from all fours, lunges and standing poses: 24 mins

Seated Movement: 46.40

Laying down poses: 50 mins

Laying down self-massage 1 hr and 30 seconds

Savasana 1.04 mins and 20 seconds

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